Information about the projects being worked on.

As we look back on 100 years of Arizona history, we see rapid growth, change, failures and successes. In the next 100 years, we have the opportunity to learn from the past, to look forward, to improve our future, and to make positive change with real impacts in our communities. Phoenix especially offers itself as a testing ground for dramatic and 
far-reaching change.

We propose to approach this bold new future century in Arizona through a collaborative framework based in the design disciplines. We will use creative problem solving and design thinking in partnership with a group of local designers whose passion for this community is matched by their capacity to enact powerful change. Designers will learn about and engage in the work local organizations are doing to provide services, support, education, and personal growth for our community. Through this collaboration, we will embark on the next century, with a new set of tools to engage both leaders and participants in the ongoing work of sustaining our community.

There are three groups working on issues related to after school education opportunities for children

Activating Arts
How can arts groups in the valley help youth who are passionate about social causes learn about and participate in arts programs? Working with groups that offer programs to help students to express their beliefs and passions to help those around them, we’ll examine the best ways to introduce students to these programs, and the best ways to get new students excited for all of the opportunities for their involvement in shaping their own future in the valley.

Creating a Healthy Life
Healthy living is a lifelong practice built on many evolving skills, including exercise, nutrition, healthy shopping, and healthy cooking. How can we help students learn about and participate in the many options for healthy education and programs related to sustainability and food? Working with organizations that are passionate about a healthy citizenship, we’ll look at ways to bring these resources to young people in the valley.

Connecting the Dots
Many groups in the valley have after school programs that would be interesting and valuable experiences for students, but would benefit from learning more about ways of reaching students to introduce them to those options. How can we best bring knowledge of these programs to communities by developing frameworks to work with school districts to create clear communication pathways for those who want to be a part of the solution for education in Arizona?